Meet Anton "Tony" Pedersen, a Danish immigrant with a real talent for making tasty cheese. As fortune would have it, he landed in the small Wisconsin town of Shullsburg.

As with most immigrants coming to the country during the great depression of the 1930s, work was difficult to come by. It took ingenuity and hard work to make a go of things. Tony was never one to sit and wait for opportunity to come knocking, so he sought his own fortune. In 1938, Tony turned his passion for making cheese in to gold, with his first vat of Shullsburg Cheddar.

The government got wind of Tony's cheese in the 1940s, during the war effort. Shullsburg Cheese became a household name in every rucksack and mess hall from here to Berlin-government cheese in its highest form.

With the war on the decline, Tony knew that he had to find a way to get his cheese in the hands of cheese lovers everywhere. Thus started the process of packaging and distributing cheese to retailers. He thought big, but started small, becoming one of the first cheese makers in the nation to market a branded cheese to area businesses. Tony's efforts laid the groundwork for our present day relationships with retailers and distributors throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and parts of Minnesota and Missouri.

But making great cheese requires passion and energy. While Tony's passion for a rich slice of Cheddar never waned, by 1972, age and effort had caught up with him. It was at this time that along came Arthur Stocker. He was a Chicago businessman, and cheese lover, passing through rural Wisconsin, looking for a good block of cheddar and a place to put up his sign. It wasn't hard to see that a man who would drive 200 miles in search of cheese had all the qualities Tony was looking for in an heir to the Shullsburg Creamery. A deal was struck on the spot and the Shullsburg Creamery changed hands.

Stocker not only poured his passion for cheese in to the Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Brick and Muenster cheese he was making, but he put his business sense to use as well. During the 70s, the Shullsburg Creamery employed ten people in the process of making, packaging and distributing famous Shullsburg Cheese.

Today, Shullsburg Cheese continues to uphold the fine heritage that Anton "Tony" Pedersen left behind. The best ingredients. Rich traditional recipes. A hands-on approach, with experienced cheese masters who inspect the cheese every step of the way. It's a timetested process, one that has made our cheese some of the most flavorful in the world. One Taste, And You'll Get It.